1. Freebie

    Jump!!! Please jump.

  2. Chris! Chris! She peeped your phone! I saw it!
    Do it!

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Hey! I see Chris! I better jump down and give him a hug! Be right back!”

  4. “Imma push that bitch over that rail…with my dick. What?” – Chris Brown

  5. Curse our contemporary building and safety codes! Damn you all to hell!

  6. I’m hoping for a “This is Sparta!” moment from one of the cameramen.

  7. Perfect launch for her new album! Now where is Chris?

  8. ruckus

    Now that she’s single, I wouldn’t mind taking a whack at her.

  9. First come, first served

  10. Don’t pretend to be classy when the whole world has seen your snatch.

  11. Skeeter

    I bet she loves taking it in the ass. I’d like to have some fun with her asshole.

    • I never cease to admire how the more poetry-inclined among us choose to eschew the predictable Chris-Brown-reference angle and go straight for the Byronesque imagery. Classy!

  12. Utah Gimme Two

    You thinking what I’m thinking? Aim for the bushes.

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