1. Smapdi

    He must be representing coronary heart disease as one of the ‘million ways to die’.

  2. Did Barney let Otis out of his cell already?

  3. JimBB

    Is he turning asian?

  4. I thought he died.

  5. beanz

    Saved by the Burger?

  6. He must be grabbing his screech.

  7. cc

    I don’t know but I suddenly thought of Caddyshack.

  8. Mike Walker

    Oh hey Charlize… hhhnnnggg

  9. Iiiit’s alright because you’re saved by the krispy kreme!

  10. I don’t ever double post, but my 2 year old is in my lap and she saw when I scrolled back up the image and just kept smiling and loudly saying hippo!

    I can’t stop laughing as that’s not right. We were at the zoo earlier this week.

  11. Gordon GEICO

    I imagine this is what Gilbert Gottfried might look like if he were to suddenly gain 100 lbs or have an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

  12. Who the fuck is this guy? And don’t tell me to Google him because I don’t care enough to expend that much effort.

  13. …i wanna see him, rob ford, and boris whathisname in a buddy comedy…

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