1. Frank Burns

    Its the Shrieking Peacock of Doom, as foretold in the Book of Mormon! Grab your multiple wives and get thee to the Latter Day Submersible Sanctum Sanctorum beneath Salt Lake!

  2. JimBB

    I never knew Mormons could fart.

  3. meeps!

    Latoya Jackson + Joan Rivers = Marie Osmond

  4. Blob

    Aaaiieeee! – thirty years on and the ending to “Carrie” still frights the bejingo out of me.

  5. Freebie

    Her face is so puffy from botox and fillers, she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Why do celebs think this makes them look younger and sexier?

  6. So that’s how Mormons make babies.

  7. That’s Marie O.? I thought Charo got a dye job.

  8. Pick me up you idiots! I really did fall…and I can’t get up!”

  9. That’s a rough way to go, being swallowed whole by a giant, iridescent vagina – or am I the only one seeing that?

  10. I have just now realized that I would love to see her naked.

  11. “It’s eating me alive… Why are you all just sitting there?? Help me you fuckers!!”

  12. Worst prolapse I’ve ever seen.

  13. PassingTrue

    So this is how she slides to second base

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