1. Dang it! Why can’t that shot be POV?

  2. Go away…NO ONE in the world is ½ as funny or profound as you think you are.

  3. JimBB

    I don’t care how much her tits sag, I would still want to make greedy little jew babies with her.

  4. i can hear her shrieking nasal whine thru the screen. Die, bitch.

  5. her career has been sputtering for years, would it be too much to ask for to have it die already so we can be rid of her once and for all?

  6. Another female comedian who isn’t funny. Go figure.

    • This is something that actually irks me, because I know so many funny women IRL. It’s like the only ones who choose to do comedy professionally are the obnoxious, ‘shock tactic and period jokes’ ones that everyone just finds loud and idiotic. :/

  7. Saul

    She’s still around…who knew?

  8. Ronaldo

    Come on Sarah…you dont have to try that hard to be funny.

  9. She’s funny in small doses. Had a nude shower scene with Michelle Williams and another woman a few years back in “Take This Waltz”.

    Bush, of course. It seems everytime a star in America has to do full frontal they grow the bush or get the merkins ready.

  10. rob

    racist zionist

  11. I kind of want to have sex with her, I 100% do not want her to talk before, during or after though.

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Dis how you blow da donkey in Tijuana!”

  13. PassingTrue

    Yep, she’s gonna age well.

  14. “Hey! Hey Krupa! Dis how chicken fucking look!”

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