1. Juch

    Directorial debut? At least now when she sleeps with the director the only victims will be D-batteries.

  2. JimBB

    Did you mean to say “porn” instead of “directorial” in this summary? Because that would make a lot more sense, for so many reasons.

  3. All she needs now is some peanut butter and an ’88 seville…

  4. Four legs good, two legs bad!!!

  5. JC

    Goatwhore is a real black metal band, so it makes sense that this is the set of their video shoot.

  6. Look, sheep. You’re a good actor, but quite emoting so much.

  7. Obviously the sheep wants to commit suicide by boredom.

  8. “I heard goats will eat anything. If true, you and I are going to be great friends.”

  9. Bonky

    “You are so adorable. You are coming home with me. But first we
    got to stop off at the market and get some mint jelly.”

  10. cc

    I heard she was there to ride a bull.

  11. Mike

    I have no ill will towards her. This is a really nice picture.

  12. Liquid manure in the back, solid manure up front.

  13. Unless Kristen Stewart banged *your* husband, you have nothing to complain about.

    Kristen is actually a talented actress but, like many people in that field, she’s emotional and impulsive and made a poor choice.

    If you don’t believe she’s a good actress, watch “Adventureland”. Outstanding work.

    I predict Kristen will move out of acting and into directing. She seems to have discovered that she doesn’t like the perils of being a famous actress, i.e., loser douchebags (see above) who just can’t separate an artist’s work from her personal life (which is none of your goddamned business).

    • Why would I watch Adventureland to see if I like her when I already know I don’t particularly like her? Sounds like an exercise in futility to me. And way too much work.

      • ” I don’t particularly like her”

        You’ve met her and talked with her and…

        You mean personally don’t like her?

        Because I rather doubt you met her.

        You won’t watch other movies she’s made besides Twilight (and why is a grown man watching those films?) because you can’t be bothered to judge an artist on her body of work rather than a few of her films?

        You do realize you come across as a bleeding idiot in your reply?

        Oh no wait…you don’t. Oops.

    • Marketing Mike

      You had me at “Kristen is actually a talented actress…”
      How about a young (really young) starlet earned an audition
      on “bended knee” for a Vampire franchise nobody predicted.
      Said franchise went on for fucking 8 years, and made a
      shitload of money for many of those Actors and directors.
      Said Actors/Acresses then earned parts in other movies
      solely from their performances in said Vampire franchise.
      Actors/Actresses bomb in other parts, and many haven’t
      worked in months/years. One particular Actress struck up
      a relationship with a goat and decided she’s a Director.

    • Hm, two replies.

      First reply is from a guy who knows nothing about Kristen’s work and can’t be bothered to use the Google (seriously, am I the only one who has this installed on her computer?).

      Second reply is from a guy whose main problem seems to be that Kristen Stewart is a successful actress. Yes, she got lucky. 95% of success in the entertainment business is luck because there’s one million people competing for each job.

      Oh well.

      • Jesus, who let Kristen Stewart’s fucking agent in here? The woman has the range of a piece of driftwood, unbunch your panties already.

      • Marketing Mike

        Hey Veronika (I mean Kristen or Management team)
        Her career only rivals Bieber’s in its downward spiral.
        That goat has more acting talent, but it probably
        can’t suck a basketball through a garden hose.

      • So you think Kristen Stewart is a has-been?


        But still better than a never-was.

        *points at you*

    • I’ve seen Adventureland and Kristen Stewart was easily the worst thing about the movie. She was boring, awkward to watch and horribly miscast. Seriously… why would any young man find any girl attractive who NEVER SHOWERS?!

      Honestly, she looks like she bathes in grease daily.

  14. kman

    ummmmm..ya, you know what, in this picture… i like her. sue me.

  15. Most emotional range I’ve ever seen from her.

  16. “Say it!”


    “I need to hear it.”

    “Vampire sheep. Baah.”

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