1. There has to be a painting of her somewhere that’s aging.

  2. Hopalong

    No doubt about the painting, it is right next to the one of Heather Graham.

  3. I want the one in green but I get the one in blue pants.

  4. Ronaldo

    Still holding it. Aging but like a fine wine.

  5. The girl in the dark dress behind her is good too.

  6. Timeless beauty.

  7. fred

    Stacy’s grandma has got it goin on . . .

  8. Robb7

    And doesn’t look all Botoxy and filled up with silicone.

  9. I would take a roll in the hay with her over any other chick in this photograph.

  10. cc

    Making other MILFs obsolete.

  11. Got to be a fucking vampire or something. This is not humanly possible.

  12. Just look at those 48 year old legs. She is fucking amazing!

    • Marketing Mike

      I’d like to put those 48 year old legs, right next to my ears,
      but that’s just me. She’s a fucking flamethrower at twice
      the age of her competition. I’d line up for that all day long.

  13. …meanwhile, hugh grant is sitting at home, punching himself in the dick.

  14. PassingTrue

    Hugh Grant is one stupid, stupid man.

  15. Seriously now. How. The fuck. Does she. Do this.

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