1. JimBB

    No, no hipsters in restaurant! YOU GO NOW!

  2. “Yeah, I pay cash for you. You come to my house later…”

  3. “You get out! We don’t have ‘Happy Ending’ here, this is a legit massage parlor!”

  4. Herro Tarro Rautner

  5. George Takei is like, “oh my.”

  6. “Yo queer?! Wat is it bout all you young guys being queer?!”

  7. You can take the llama out of the petting zoo…

  8. cc

    “Um excuse me, I know you are famous and we appreciate the publicity, but you still have to pay for the dim sum.”

  9. Vlad

    You come back when my ginseng kick in, okay?

  10. Swearin

    Clearly, he knows the future of cinema is all about China

  11. “Ummmmm…such nice, big shoulders…”

  12. Old Chinese Proverb

    “You remind me of son I never….
    Hey, me pay you double for 1 more hour…

  13. I’d still hit it ;)

  14. Taylor; “Man, the only problem with banging old Chinese dudes is that an hour later I’m horny again”.

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