1. JimBB

    In related news, Lindsay Lohan flashed her tits at the BloodyNightCon 4 press conference today.

  2. The most honest answer he can give to “So why are you famous?”

  3. “Can you tell us what BloodyNightCon 4 is?”

  4. “Officer, I *thought* he was 18..”

  5. littletongue

    Santa Claus is not real, dude…

  6. cc

    Sweet Jesus don’t bring these hats back AGAIN.

  7. Voice of Reisling

    And what happened then…?
    Well… at BloodyNIghtCon4 they say
    That the Ian’s big ego
    Shrunk three sizes that day!

  8. Mike

    They killed Damon, man! THEY KILLED DAMON!

    “Death Wish 3″ quote, BTW, in case anyone doesn’t know.

  9. Reporter: “Do you know how stupid you look?”

  10. Vlad

    You’re a queer one, Mr.Grinch.

  11. This jerkoff looks like a fucking cartoon.

  12. Ages praying for this jerk to lose his trademark shit-eating side-smirk and this is what he comes up with?

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