1. It had to be said

    He shouldn’t eat that. He’ll just be hungry an hour later.

  2. JimBB

    [whisper] “I love eating Chinese.”

  3. Took me a full second to realize that’s not Kim Kardashian.

  4. Hey Hugh, you’ll never BangBang your biggest Fan.

  5. Fan Bingbing use to be so pretty. With all the surgeries she’s going “Michael Jackson.”

    There’s a point where you have to tell the surgeon “No!!! I don’t want the Jay Leno chin!!!”.

  6. Ronaldo

    Stop picking at it.

  7. I like how Photo Boy said “there is no bottom here” and gave us a gallery with Hugh Jackman in it.


  8. *whispering* “I have been close to Jon Hamm’s penis and it is WONDERFUL!”

  9. Bonky

    Hugh: “I want to FAN your Bing Bing, get it ?”
    Fan: “Yes, ha ha, but please don’t give me your cancer.”

  10. “Hail Hydra.”

    How no one wrote that already, is a mystery to me.

  11. anthony

    “After this let’s split and order of sumyungguy.”

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