1. Miss_Moppet

    Iggy’s body is so ridiculously awesome. If I thought I’d end up shaped like her (and I didn’t like Krispy Kreme’s so damn much) I’d actually work out.

  2. Ronaldo

    another bad singer with an amazing body. Shakira, you have competition.

  3. I love this woman’s shape. That ass is spectacular.

  4. Isn’t she the one who said she doesn’t crowd surf cause people try to finger bang her?

  5. Mike

    Holy shit!

  6. I love her, she is cool as fuck.

  7. …i’m loving all these body positive comments! …not one “she’s fat” comment (so far, knock on wood) …way to go superficial-people!

  8. cajunhawk

    Where have all these white girl asses come from? Is this a after effect of hormones in chicken? Or just plastic surgeons helping the white race steal another thing from the blacks? You decide.

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