1. Short Round

    They look like extras of a porn parody about agents of an evil corporation hell-bent on poisoning the water supply while stealing children’s dreams. Oh, wait…

  2. murphy


  3. Jack Ketch

    Ewww and ewww.

  4. Ronaldo

    They act like royalty……these people make me sick.

    • Short Round

      Well, they are inbred, arrogant, condescending, force themselves on the masses without asking, and made their money by exploiting and abusing others. Sounds like the nobility of old to me.

  5. There’s no way they had the same father

    • I know that genetics is a funny thing (think the Willis girls) but I have wondered if any two of Kris Jenner’s offspring have the same father. Or maybe it’s the surgical upgrades that makes them all look different from each other.

  6. Woman in the background: “ony diff between those 2 and me,,,blue shirt!”.

  7. Remember that ‘intimate’ pics Sasquatch shared about her trim waist a couple of days ago? LOL.

    Man… you just can’t trust anything on the net, can’t you?

  8. Freebie

    Don’t they ever wear just tees and jeans like most of us? Oh right, they do wear them but theirs are tiny, cropped and torn in all the right places.

  9. Freebie

    Hey, that woman in blue was in the background a few pics back. She gets around.

  10. What happened to the slim waist she was tweeting way back two days ago? Did the doctor finally convince her that the thing in the back of her throat was her pancreas and to take the corset off?

  11. kunta kinte

    B L A C K _ P E E

  12. Robb7

    It amazes me none of these cows have ever been attacked or better yet shot at by some crazy disgruntled fan. One can only hope…

    • MoreMariaNow!!

      They have fans?!?! I thought everyone hates and despise them??

      • Bailey

        How is it these cows ever ended up with a show, and who the hell is watching it that keeps it on the air?
        Seriously, I don’t personally know anyone that actually watches their shit.

  13. Wait, didn’t one of these cows calve an offspring recently? Don’t see much of them together, do we?

  14. Jentilly

    Wow Kim should stand next to Khloe all the time she instantly looks 20lbs slimmer

  15. INCOMINGGG…everyone runnnn…”

  16. They always look like they’re miserable.


  17. Marketing Mike

    Not far in the distance, you can hear the crack of whip,
    and some 60′s era cowboy yelling “Rawhide….”

  18. david(guest)

    and they think they look good here

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