1. Hello madam, I’m with the “Unleash the twins” foundation…

  2. No clown makeup and covering her watermelon tits = damn fine looking woman.

  3. Pilin

    Ghetto woman.

  4. I love that she’s going with a more natural look these days. It’s the best she’s ever looked. Back off! I saw her first!

  5. She could use some time in art school learning the “Rule of Thirds”. It basically says that in any photograph, a third of the penises should be in each orifice.

    Wait, that might be the Porn School rule of thirds.

  6. cc

    Thank God my cat just sprang to my defense.

  7. Still a Baboon.

  8. Maybe one day she’ll realize that pictures of this nature are supposed to be taken in the nude.

  9. Christamighty, just show your tits already.

  10. limeseeds

    Would destroy.

    Or be destroyed.

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