1. JimBB

    Plz Child Protective Svs, send hlp!! Hld hostg by mom.

  2. qui

    bony ribs + Mosquitoe boob bites… not a good look.

  3. JC

    I’m confused–is she wearing a black sweater, that she’s then pulled all the way up to her armpit so show off some tit? The whoring is strong with this one. Mama Whore and Sister Whores must be proud.

  4. Jerry

    Hmmm… I wonder why RayJ wants to see me…

  5. Pilin

    Just a matter of time…..

  6. Watching Kim sex tape for pointers on making her own? I recommend watching Farrah Abraham and Tila Tequila’s sex tapes to know where the bar is.

  7. That’s probably one of the rare times we will see something on a Kardashian/Jenner that hasn’t been changed through surgery.

  8. anonym

    whole family of whores.

  9. Ronaldo

    And she is famous for this???
    Lucky girl. Won the lottery. More talented people out there looking for that one break. Its depressing. She does nothing and its famous.

  10. The famewhoring is strong on this one…

  11. Robb7

    Just a PIT — pig in training.

  12. Bonky

    TEXT: “Mom, whoring it up like u told me 2. Got that side boob
    shirt on. So far nothing, but its still early. LOL !”

  13. I have no idea what she’s wearing. I assume it came from “Whores ‘R Us”…by which I mean I mean Dash

  14. littletongue

    What’s that? A tenth of a boob? Come the fuck on! You want us to take you seriously? Well then, you need to show us at least some nipple and, should you be very goal oriented, a clear shot of your baby maker. Then, maybe then, we’ll give you some attention. Until you get it right, you’re just another junior on the market. Hurry up, now, you won’t be young forever…

  15. I’ve always fantasized about a mother-daughter menage a trois. Do you think her mom, Bruce, would be up for one?

  16. cc

    Stay tuned, more to come.

  17. Sad that Kendall’s and Kylie’s parents have raised them to think that being famous is the only thing that matters in life, and that it doesn’t matter why you’re “famous”, only that people pay attention. Or as Don Henley wrote in “The Garden of Allah”: “It was the year notoriety got all confused with fame, and the Devil is downhearted, babe, ’cause there’s nothing left for him to claim.”

    Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to feel sorry for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. But I do. Downvote if you must, scumbags!

  18. Mike

    Stop trying to titillate us with this broad!

  19. The family class shines through.

  20. Mom must be proud.

  21. kery

    I thought Kendall was the “smart one”and quiet one well maybe I was wrong but It’s sad to see that young girl acts as a whore.

  22. This is a sexy picture, but why bother?

  23. “It’s just so blistering hot in here…I think I’ll expose half of my left breast.”

  24. Dave

    Who exactly takes these perfectly ‘candid’ shots?!

  25. TheO

    I love the fact that nobody seemed to notice she took a candid side boob shot at some fancy party (check out the ladies in the background).

    Nothing says class like sideboob.

  26. Marketing Mike

    When I hear the phrase “the morals of an alley cat” I literally
    think of this family, and this skank in particular. Is there no
    limit? Yea, and this picture wasn’t staged or photo-shopped.

  27. Marketing Mike

    For kicks, zoom up the picture and notice the hand drawn thumbnail,
    I’m guessing so you would know she’s texting. Case closed…

  28. jaime

    Bless this woman. So much nicer than her older stepsisters.
    I’ll give her my email so she can send me side shots all day.

  29. Dirk Diggler

    I cant wait until she leaks her sex tape

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