1. dookieshoo


  2. Jess

    why so serious?

  3. Amber

    Steven Tyler is that you?!

  4. Jill_Ess

    Her mouth is dilated 12 cm.

  5. Wait til the get a load of me…

  6. cc

    Ellen Ripley’s other genetically engineered offspring?

  7. JC

    Didn’t I see this in an Aphex Twin video?

  8. UnholyKrep

    Does this thing qualify as amphibian?

  9. Hugh Jass

    She definitely has pudding face.

  10. Any Guy


  11. MrsWrong

    The original Troll face.

  12. Taftytafttaft

    With Joker brand products, I get a grin, again and again!

  13. TomFrank

    You should have put this picture of Alanis Morissette back-to-back with the Ryan Reynolds one.

  14. asdf

    She’s been usin Brand Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Jacqueline Hyde

    “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

  16. Wrinklestaches are attractive.

  17. Jenny with a Y

    When Plastic Surgeons Attack


    Nothing some Anti Monkey Butt ointment won’t cure.

  19. Kayne East

    Black hole sun, won’tcha come, and wash away the rain…..

  20. Somebody’s been practicing their deep throating technique on a watermelon.

  21. noooooooo

    Love that Joker…

  22. We call this the “Chris Cornell” treatment.

  23. Carson

    I can’t see the leaf blower blowing in her face but I know it’s there!

  24. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Two fishermen hooking the same trout.

  25. The Lord Almighty

    She’s been using brand xsssssssssss

  26. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

  27. SIN

    The Jokers wife?

  28. The Critical Crassness

    Jesus, PB, doesn’t she get enough exposure on TV….now we have to see her on “The Superficial”, too?

  29. AnnaDraconida

    Dr. Frankelstein

  30. eamon

    Her face looks de-boned.

  31. Her face just hit ludacris speed.

  32. Maggie

    I had a teacher who looked like this. He slept with a coat hanger in his mouth.

  33. awhpewp.

    Dude looks like a lady

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