1. Cock Dr

    I think it’s a good SW strategy to put the best boobs first, front & center.

  2. Frank Burns

    Good god 0_0

  3. dooood

    check out the black dude sayin it all with his eyes

  4. Everyone who’s been bad-mouthing Kate Upton all week better take it back now. Take it back!

  5. jimmy james

    kate upton has this uncanny ability to look both cute as a button and sexy as hell at the same time.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t even think the wind was blowing… her hair just naturally does that “Look how sexy I am” thing.

  7. Blech

    Um, she ROCKS

  8. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    The squat pear shaped woman just behind her has a much better set of hips but. no. one. will. ever. give. a. fuck…ing goddamn look at those titties!

  9. jumpin_j

    Long black dress? Kate, you’re doing it wrong.

  10. Those are some amazing tities. She looks much better when she keeps her hair loose, unlike the pulled back hair she was sporting at the MET Gala.

  11. Bonky

    So many women go to the gym every week to keep their titties perky and their stomachs hard like a six pack, but Kate Upton says fuck it and look how hot she is.

  12. BenDoverman

    This is what real women look like…and I like it!

  13. Grand Poobah

    Credit where credit is due, she looks great (one of my first posts without a smart-ass comment so that really says something :)

  14. Anon

    She does look great here. I really do think that she looks better when she’s dressed up in a classy, basic, sexy outfit than when she’s in something like that bikini on SI. It just didn’t look right.

  15. If I were a dead guy, that would be the dress I’d want her to take off at my funeral.

  16. Jade

    The moment when a normal looking gal like her is hailed as a goddess because everyone else in the business looks like a skeleton is pretty sad.

    • ...

      Normal looking? Let’s see a picture of you, Jade.

      • Jade

        So let me get this straight: if I post a picture of a prettier girl than Kate I prove my point? And if it’s one of an ugly girl, then you’re right? *sigh*

        But seriously, visit a college/university and look around: there are tons of girls there who knock her straight out of the park looks wise. The difference between them is that Kate is a model in a business ruled by malnourished pinpricks. Of course she’s going to stand out.

      • Is that a “No!” ?

  17. Whaddaya mean her name isn’t: :”Cat Daddy”?

  18. Miketrey

    damn! fucking amazing

  19. SeeAlice

    She looks great

  20. HailSatan

    I’d put it in her.

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