1. Your move, Nolte…

  2. That is such a weird looking dude. Looks like a baboon.

  3. EricLr

    Damn right you got off his lawn.

  4. Johnny P!

    Beauty and the Beast.
    Beauty’s on the leash.

  5. Contusion

    If Tom Waits had a more fucked up looking Uncle…

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Is he walking that dog or getting ready to season it?

  7. He looks the same upside down. Weird.

  8. I can’t top any of these.

  9. He’s probably the most badass man in Hollywood.

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    I guess this proves it. There is absolutely nothing you can use to scare fucking dogs off your lawn.

  11. kimmykimkim

    “Goddamn kids! Quit playin in my driveway!” Grumble, grumble, fart.

  12. Caseum

    Homeless chimp.

  13. Das Nerd

    Poop. Poop never changes.

  14. Talk about reversal of roles…the fucking dog should be walking HIM.

    On second thought, maybe he is…

  15. tlmck

    Nice he can get work as a dog walker.

  16. Swearin


  17. Art Crow

    Sorry, I don’t have any spare change.

  18. No, no, no. I said: “Heel, boy.”

  19. Buddy The Elf

    Just die already Clay.

  20. Bigalkie

    Homeless Jeopardy Contest

  21. papadoc

    “Hobo with a dog”

  22. Steelerchick

    The dog’s name is A.J.

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