1. Beep Boop Bee Bop

    David Spade looks different…

  2. rospo

    Aidan Shaw looks different…

  3. huh?

    “….you killed my father..prepare to die…”

  4. DeucePickle

    Thundercats HO !

  5. tlmck

    Don Johnson’s long lost younger brother.

  6. Nothing bad to say about this guy — awesome on Northern Exposure and he’s banging Bo Derek.

  7. The Pope

    What Mickey Rourke would have looked like if it wasn’t for the boxing.

  8. Zorro, you’ve changed!

  9. Hi Im john. I voiceover eeeevvverryything.
    Im rich bitch!!

  10. Still cute as fuck.

  11. he cant possibly have any sort of acting job, so why??

  12. oh wait are they doing a straight to dvd version of the 3 musketeers? with julia stiles as the leading lady and best boy 1 and 2 as the other musketeers?

  13. Pine Table Fever

    Not pictured: Enormous mid-life crisis.

  14. Not pictured: Nia Vardalos, with matching mustache.

  15. mrswhit

    noooooo! hot guy goes skeeve! Nooooo!

  16. Andie

    Still would. Ohhhhhh yeah.

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