1. I did not think he could become more wrinkled. I was wrong.

  2. “Of course I’ve had it in the ear before…”

  3. Shirty

    This Pop is Iggy. This drink sucks ass too.

  4. At least he is wearing a shirt this time.

  5. Deacon Jones

    I think Schweppes will be asking for some of their money back…

  6. Cock Dr

    I’m about done with TCWM….navigating the jquery error message obstacle course just isn’t worth it.

  7. Sadly, that’s his “Mmmmmmmm…This is DELICIOUS” face!

  8. tlmck

    A new winner in the bitter beer face contest and that is his normal face.

  9. Keno

    Quick, we are losing him…commence with the hydration!!

  10. Joe Blow

    Patrick Stewart’s really let himself go….

  11. amy

    tan mom is thirsty

  12. What do you get when you cross George Hamilton, a lemon, and a shar-pei?

  13. I can honestly say that this is one of the least compelling celebrity endorsements I have ever seen.

  14. Jenn

    That first sip is a dooz..tastes like crap!

  15. “Fuck me sideways…not only do I have to drink this piss, but they’re making me wear a damned shirt as well!”

  16. this is great advertising for whatever that bottle is, they must be pleased.

  17. me

    Iggy Popped

  18. Iggy Snot flavor? I’ll pass..

  19. “Ah, water, my nemesis — we meet again.”

  20. don’t care how he looks ever –I love IggyPop!!!! Long live Iggy!!!

  21. Understandable reaction — mummies don’t need to drink.

  22. bigalkie

    Iggy Iggy. Tell us what you think about Kim Kardashian

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