1. Michael Jackson flashback?

  2. John

    and this is how I punched her the ninth time

  3. Deacon Jones

    ” and den, ah banged on da glass and dhey went crazy y’all and started doing dis!”

  4. AteIsEnough

    This guy is the biggest douche since Kanye!!

  5. DeucePickle

    What the hell is wrong with this guy ?

  6. Jack Ketch

    Such an intelligent life form !! Not.

  7. And sadly…I still have to work at a 9 to 5 job.


    (Fuck Off And Die In A Fire)

  9. Little Tongue

    From the look on his face, those crabs seem quite pesky. I wonder why he doesn’t get treated.

  10. OMG. Please tell me this is a pic of Chris Brown having a seizure! Bite it off Chris!

  11. Jenn

    Chris Brown uses mic to show that he really IS a cocksucker.

  12. PJ Bandit

    The moment Chris realized Rihanna secretly put an electronic dog collar on his dick.

  13. Please take Rihanna and get in a helicopter … Please take Rihanna and get in a helicopter … Please take Rihanna and get in a helicopter

  14. It’s not bad enough that he’s leading the Zombie Apocalypse, but he’s also got a mean case of the crabs!

  15. is this his sex face? how could rihanna NOT want to bang him. i know id want that tongue and mesh shirt all over me…..

    this is sarcastic for any idiots out there

  16. Pine Table Fever

    If by performing you mean hopping around the stage like a cunt on a piece of elastic, pulling a face like a stroke victim, and making a noise like a blocked toilet then I guess the tickets were worth every penny. Every penny.

  17. Ana

    I can see what it is keeps drawing Rhianna back, time and time again

  18. Hmmm

    Never go full retard…

  19. He’s forgotten where his penis is. Poor Rihanna.

  20. claire

    God I wish he would just go away already

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