1. Nettie

    “Hugh, did you poopy in your pants?”

  2. Just checkin’ to see if you’re still breathing, honey!

  3. PJ Bandit

    - I’m not wearing any panties!
    - You’re not baking any pastries?!
    - … Yes, what you said!

  4. Deacon Jones

    “…*psst*….Hef….Im going to gut you tonight and hold your intestines over your body and squeeze the shit right out of them while I wildly laugh at you…”

    “…more pudding”

  5. angerinside

    It’s lucky for you that my grandfather used to touch me too.

  6. I wonder which one is more senile?

  7. cc

    That man over there called me a harlot. Wasn’t that nice?

  8. Techman

    “No sweetie, I’m your wife, not your granddaughter.”

  9. Nik

    That girls really only in her twenties? She looks atleast 40.

  10. “Be good or I’ll lock you in the basement!”

  11. “No, you may NOT have any more wine. How about a nice glass of prune juice?”

  12. “If you buy me a new car, I’ll let you touch my boobs for 5 minutes tonight”

  13. Daddy I have to go peepee

  14. Are you dead yet? I’m waiting…!

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