1. Save Ferris

    Anybody ever tell you that you wear too much eye makeup? My condolences to Ferris.

  2. Cock Dr

    That is one helluva set of smokey eyes.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Alright, who photo shopped the cum off her face?!

  4. angerinside

    Ok, I get airbrushing out the wrinkles but Jesus are we expected as a society to start hating nipples now? The world has become a dark and cruel place or Tom Cruise really is in charge. Either way we’re screwed.

  5. Joe Blow

    That… is fucking scary.

  6. anonym

    she looks dead inside.

    would still fuck.

  7. cc

    Why do they even use a real person as a starting point? Why not just create one?

  8. Can’t…look…away…dead…eyes…BOOBS, oh thank god.

  9. Sure she’s hot, but you don’t want to deal with her father, Nosferatu.

  10. Jenn

    Devil with her boobs out.

  11. did she post this pic in 1973?

  12. She’s beautiful.

  13. attractive woman but my god that eyeliner is atrocious!

  14. I like how she matched her eyes to her boobs, with the whole “the left is bigger than the right” thing she’s got going on.

  15. Pixie

    Her eyes look beautiful; like ice.

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