1. He just circumcised himself with his claws.. So what of it?

  2. Wolverpenis

    Wait, so you don’t have my Adamantium dong extension?

  3. Cock Dr

    Just giving it some air.
    Not a gay thing…nothing gay here.

  4. PJ Bandit

    I’m telling you. Every five seconds the Flash runs here and pulls off my pants…. he did it again!!!

  5. Cher X

    I gotta,say, great arms dude.

  6. Guy: Can I help?
    Wolverine: Are you a beer?

  7. Frank Burns

    Its the Wolverine/Al Bundy crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

  8. CrashHell

    “Oh I know it’s big, but I didn’t bring it out just for air.”

  9. Hey dude, I’m Wolverine. Now get over here and play “Whack-a-mole!”

  10. tlmck

    “Um. Your not the fluffer I asked for, but what the heck.”

  11. Fredical

    What can Senator John McCain do for you?

  12. The Pope

    “Hey buddy, scratch my balls?”

  13. meeps!

    Yo! PA, this thing ain’t gonna suck itself…

  14. Vlad

    Pants off, lap dance off

  15. “I’m not exactly thrilled about this either, but it ain’t gonna suck itself.”

  16. “This dick ain’t gonna suck itself!”

  17. Jenn

    Look, be a pal and scratch my balls, I just got my claws done.

  18. KC

    Look, it’s bad enough taking a piss with the blades out, but there is no way I can wipe my ass without castrating myself.

  19. “You use your kind of car wax, and I’ll use mine!”

  20. “Ohhhh…I understood WAX ON just fine, but when you said WAX OFF I thought you said WHACK OFF!”

  21. Never masturbate with the claws out, Wolverine.

  22. “Union, schmunion. These balls aren’t going to gargle themselves.”

  23. Robert

    Jackman doesn’t look anything like Wolverine is supposed to look. According to the comics he is stocky and hairy, you know, like Kim Kardashian.

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