1. cc

    I thought we only had to worry about the faultlines in Japan.

  2. t-bone

    And her face froze that way forever more.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    dirty old whore

  4. Madonna forgets to close her eyes when the Ark is opened.

  5. Matty

    I hear she’s up for the role of Skeletor in the new He-Man movie.

  6. Hard to believe there’s an entire franchise based around the idea that 20-something men will let this thing anywhere near their dick

  7. Deacon Jones

    “A double anal scene?? You’ve got to be ki – I’LL DO IT”

  8. Nice to see John Kassir’s working again

  9. I bet its like sticking your dick into a leather-bagged vacuum cleaner

  10. why is there a pic of Lindsay Lohan on here?

  11. Louwww

    HBO is bringing back Tales From the Crypt? AWESOME!

  12. tkb

    I like it! A real face that hasn’t been botoxed and pulled to insane lengths.

  13. the face of promiscuity has never been less appealing.

  14. She’s such a “Miranda”.

  15. David

    The moment I looked at that picture I immediately thought of that scream painting.

  16. It had to be said

    Mmmm, Cougar-riffic.

  17. slim

    she looks like gina davis in beetlejuice when they have the life sucked out of them

  18. Is that a hepes sore on her lower lip?

  19. Josephus

    So Christie Brinkley pitches a few tents and now it’s “Women in their 50s Week?” Really? C’mahn.

  20. BigJim

    I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him.

  21. Murph

    Crypt Keeper?

  22. The Critical Crassness

    Does Sharon Stone have a twin sister?

  23. Pretty sure Edvard Munch painted this scene in 1893.

  24. But if she pulled off her panties we’d all be begging for this picture back.

    Pound of shredded roast beef anyone?

  25. I don’t have to guess at all what her skull looks like.

  26. Jon Hex

    I didn’t think Scream 4 would be scary until I saw this promo pic.

  27. Jynx

    Whoa, those new Planet of the Apes masks are really convincing!

  28. Juice

    Home…Phone….ET … Phone Home

  29. The face of death

  30. Chris

    Holy Crap! Somebody opened the Ark of the Covenant!

  31. Sperm breath

  32. Uncle Rodney

    Judge Judy tryin’ out the blonde locks. You go, girl!

  33. dangermike

    And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

  34. Matt

    I used to jerk off to a woman that now reminds me of my grandmother.

  35. friendlyfires

    Oh no! Mrs’ Crypt Creeper wants to give head … RUN LIKE A CYCLONE ACROSS A TEXAS PRAIRIE!!!

  36. Lucifer

    Holy shit. When I saw the thumbnail for this, I thought Gweneth Paltrow had been hit by a bus….This will suffice, though.

  37. rusty shackleford

    they should of gotten her to play the killer in scream 4

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