1. Ho.Lee.Shit

    The man, the myth, the legend.

  2. bday55


  3. Licensed to [Kim Jong] ill

  4. Michael Jackson looks terrible

  5. sparkymcgee

    She looks like a potato that’s starting to rot.

  6. The years have been rough on Short Round since Indiana ditched him in India.

  7. scriptingfate

    Jackie Chan is still alive!

  8. Nah, this dude pimps at the local massage parlor. Real fresh girls, right off the boat.

  9. It had to be said

    Wax on, wax off.

  10. fake fonk

    truman capote faked his own death

  11. Holy cow, I would destroy that.

  12. BigJim

    Chow Yun Fat Fuck.

  13. Josephus

    My God, those poor tsunami victims.

  14. cc

    If John Lennon had seen her like this, he’d have shot himself!

    (I know, that’s so bad.)

  15. The Critical Crassness

    She doesn’t look any different than she did in the 60′s…she looked like a steaming pile of shit then, and she still does!

  16. That gulf oil spill really took it’s toll on Sulu.

  17. RayRay's Nubbin

    The donger needs age cream… he has not aged well

  18. Ed

    Yoko Ono to Paul McCartney: “Me hate you long time

  19. fapappy


  20. George Takei wistfully reminiscing that if this had been his official Star Trek uniform, he could have been bigger than Shatner.

  21. Aurealous

    Sweet Jesus……………………it’s Yoko OH NO!!!!!!!

  22. She looks good for 143

  23. Destroying the Beatles really leaves a mark.

  24. friendlyfires

    Yoko modeling new line of bio-hazard suits for victims of Fukushima I nuclear accidents.

  25. DC Supreme

    “I’m top player hater from Korea, you bitches….. better recognize.”

  26. Oz Matters

    At this point, I don’t want to imagine…

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