1. “Hey Mandy! Show us your Lucky face!”

  2. Deacon Jones

    “And what do you call this again?…..A “Shocker”??”

  3. THAT’S not the right hole…

  4. cc

    Oh shit, that guy from The 70s Show is here?

  5. Rough--do you know who I am?

    Come on Mandy, keep that pretty face together baby…

  6. slim

    did someone just put a finger up her ass?

  7. Josephus

    Wow. And to think I used to pleasure myself to her. What a difference three hours makes.

  8. Is she doing a toothpaste commercial?

  9. “So I was like: career? Ewwww.”

  10. The Critical Crassness

    You’d look like this too, if your most recent “big Movie” featured you as a cartoon character who was both prettier and smarter than you were! After all you can’t be too smart you lost it to Wilmer Valderamma.

  11. slappy magoo

    And even with my teeth clenched THIIIS much, I was still able to fit Zac Braff’s cock in my mouth!

  12. trogladyke


  13. Ed

    Orgasmic Confusion.

  14. The Laughing G-D

    “Alright Mandy, just a bit more and the cover is yours!”

  15. actually it’s called a minivan. 2 in the front and five in the back. Fistin’ like a piston baby!

  16. “I think my pussy just swallowed my tampon”

  17. Beatnik

    But…what? Who the hell is THIS? This picture doesn’t even sort of remind me of Mandy Moore. WTH?

  18. Matt

    I thought Mandy Moore was dead. Fish kept saying that the penguins did that.

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