1. Deacon Jones

    Oh YES!

    Yes indeed, Billy!

    • cc

      Have to admit, all my Billy Zane jokes just fizzled. What’s that saying…he who laughs last? Guess it’s Billy laughing (and me crying).

    • cc

      ETA this fucker also dated Kelly Brook for 4 years. God I hate him.

  2. cc

    Holy shit.

  3. “Dahlink, hand me ze baby, I think eet’s time for zee feedeeng…”

  4. It must be invigorating to park your station wagon next to a Mercedes and be poignantly reminded that you may be Billy Zane, but BOOBIES BITCHES!!!!

  5. Deacon Jones

    That clenched jaw and upturned lips just scream “BITCH THAT WILL SUCK THE LIFE FROM YOU AND ENJOY IT”.

  6. You’d be pissed too if there were physical evidence you slept with Billy Zane.

  7. Feeeeeeeeeed me, mommy.

  8. Zombie Kitty

    Now Angelina is onto him too???

  9. Ed

    This chick can feel her gonzagas all they want, but they want be like his bf’s ex, the great gonzaga queen, Kelly Brooke

  10. Look out, Angelina Jolie is about to snatch another baby! What color is this one?

  11. DonDopey

    Did they meet when he rescued her from a giant metal spider?

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