1. Hugh Gentry

    I need to tongue punch her turd cutter

  2. who needs blowers, i got the wind doing it for me.

  3. cc

    If that wind picks up a little more she’ll be sitting on the house where the Japanese found that dog.

  4. Willie Dixon

    Ok, her face looks pretty good here. But most of the time I don’t think she’s all that. Just too damn scrawny.

  5. Damn this shot is like Jennifer Love Hewitt of Christmas Past. Before all the bacon.

  6. Is she shopping for a new remote control? Or is she trying to change the channel?

  7. sparkymcgee

    Fucking Fat Ass!

  8. Damn, she makes a pair of shorts feel tight! I mean mine, not hers.

  9. Cock Dr

    Pumpkinhead Miley, Brit Brit & LiLo should take lessons from this chick on how to look when you’re out & about helping the struggling LA retail economy.

  10. Narcolepsy is a serious disease, people.

  11. Josephus

    That’s totally a pocket rocket she’s controlling.

    And there’s a rocket in MY pocket, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

    (Boner. I mean a boner.)

  12. The Critical Crassness

    At least Fish began and ended the “Crap” section with images of real women! Now ,if he could just remember to do more of that during the rest of the blog entries each day.

  13. fapappy

    I’d like a tossed Ambrosio salad please.

  14. Brent

    Her clothes are on backward, her hair is a mess, and she’s walking around with her eyes closed. If this isn’t a tribute to Britney Spears, I don’t know what is.

  15. friendlyfires

    Trolling for paparazzi can be such a bore dah-ling – peel me a grape, will you?

  16. gollum

    Her boobs are so tiny yet I want them in my mouth so much
    is like they are little tiny delicious sand bags for me to play and suck,
    she is so skinny yet i want to bang her so much, those tiny boobs i want them…
    These creatures from the Female Race are so strange…

  17. Cass

    Is that a Birkin bag?!? :D

  18. vitobonespur

    “As the homeless panhandler got closer, Alessandra set her Phaser to HEAVY STUN.”

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