1. Deacon Jones


  2. Tyler Perry

    Does his baby have Downs?

  3. “SEE?!? A BABY! I swear, I’m NOT gay!”

  4. devilsrain

    Seem really thrilled there Mario. Dipshit

  5. Chupacabra

    That looks like a retarded baby to me.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    The guy has made a career out of being unintelligent, smarmy and metrosexual.

  7. that baby needs a tan…and an ab workout.

  8. kimmykimkim

    I think they’re both shitting themselves.

  9. “So look at this bullshit”, said Mario’s eyes.

  10. S'up Bitches!

    That kid definitely looks like it has an extra chromosome 21. It will still probably be able to count change better than Daddy.

  11. Elle

    Why does AC Slater’s child look like Screech?

  12. Nooken

    I didn’t know Slater and Patton Oswalt were friends!

  13. BigJim

    He’s just in it for the bone marrow transplant.

  14. Josephus

    “I…I have no idea it got in there. But they say it’s mine. Medical miracle, I guess.”

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Mario Lopez has a baby? Must have been by surrogate via artificial insemination.

  16. “Yeah, hey, could we get some more foundation on Mario? We’ve got a quarter inch down already but we’re still getting some glare off his ugly baby’s pasty skin.”

  17. fapappy

    in Everybody, Grea..okay job, this career is officially in the can.

  18. Christ. His baby looks like Stan from American Dad….

  19. A good high protein diet includes at least one baby per week.

  20. JANE

    the baby sort of does look she has down syndrome, and if she does, you’re all fucking assholes for making fun of how she looks.

    • s'up bitches

      The kid obviously has Downes Syndrome (based on the photo). However, who REALLY is making fun of it: Us or her Daddy that is parading her around like a circus freak without acknowledging the obvious condition. You be the judge.

  21. friendlyfires

    That’s a baby you’re holding Slater not a tomater.

  22. Jovy

    Lololol Holy SHIT that is an ugly ass baby.

  23. Tiff

    That’s mean…

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