1. briguy324

    he looks freakishly like christopher walken

  2. cc

    Hehehe, eating’s not cheating.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Hey Billy, give me a way out of this hole. Aerial says we are cut off. “

  4. Is his body getting smaller, or is his forehead getting bigger?

  5. How awesome would it have been to have been the guy that sold him those glasses for $300?

  6. fake fonk

    fucking pothead.

  7. slim

    oh hai! are doze heetlar melonz?

  8. Nice lady’s glasses, Costanza.

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Arnold Schwarzenegger,cleverly disguised as a game show host, out and about looking for unsuspecting females to sexually harass.

  10. “The goggles! They do nothing!”

  11. Weird old man red hair

  12. God

    Good for him!! He´s looking way better that the last 5 years. Maybe he´s going back to Movies and that makes him happier. LONG LIVE ARNOLD!!

  13. “The choppah! I don’t care anymoah!”

  14. friendlyfires

    My gawd, it’s like a Drew Friedman painting from Spy or TIME come to life!

  15. arnieblackblack

    ver’s ze bacon…girly man

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