1. Cheech called. He said to make sure your car has dingle balls in it to make the moustache feel at home.

  2. JMS

    They’re making a Men in Black 3? Did they not see Men in Black 2?

  3. so in MIB3, Will Smith will be smug and self impressed?

  4. Savalas

    That face – it’s saying:

    “Aw man, this thing is going to be fucking terrible”

  5. In Men In Black 3 they once again bring back his old partner. No, Not Tommy Lee Jones…DJ Jazzy Jeff.

  6. fake fonk

    yer not Barack, asshole.

  7. That mustache is so you can tell it’s not a penis.

  8. Josephus

    Man, Terrence Howard lost a lot of weight. Has he been sick?

  9. Rough--do you know who I am?

    Is this going to be free? I can’t remember a movie lately, that’s worth the ticket price.

  10. BigJim

    A moustache? Are you sure they’re not calling this movie Men in Black Men?

  11. The Listener

    I am definitely going to see Men in Black III. YES! I loved the first 2.

  12. That mustache just screams Men in Black Men III.

  13. If they’d replace Will Smith with Isaiah Mustafa, and Tommy Lee Jones with the mummified corpse of Tutankhamun, I might consider seeing it.

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