1. cc

    I can’t believe that asshole in security said ‘Scream 4 is the best you can do these days, huh?’

  2. This guy is like a walking douchebag checklist, head to toe. Stupid hair? The Situation’s sunglasses? Colin Farrel’s beard, ungroomed? Two collars, one popped? Red pants? Ugly shoes? All check.

  3. Willie Dixon

    Many church thrift stores died…to bring you these clothes.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Pirates of the Caribbean V casting call?

  5. Saruman successfully smuggles the Eye of Sauron past the TSA.

  6. Garrett

    “You didn’t just steal a baby, you didn’t just steal a baby, you didn’t just steal a baby.”

  7. Has anyone seen Courtney Cox’s head?

  8. Picture taken seconds before TSA officer dog-pile-attack.

  9. That Guy

    None of these are trends started by Edward Norton, where is this guy going with the disguise?

  10. Where can I get those pants?

  11. BigJim

    The only thing missing is the Pabst Blue Ribbon and the smug sense of superiority. The latter Courtney got in the divorce.

  12. The Critical Crassness

    Carrying a pillow, David Arquette looks for a new out of the way corner at LAX to sleep off his latest drunk.

    • Viole

      Scream 4 is the best there is and David takes the pillow to rest and not what you say.The Critical Crassness

  13. So you’re telling me Courtney Cox left THIS to go prancing around in the Caribbean in bikinis all year round? How ever will she live?

  14. The Laughing G-D

    Those are his PJs and his daytime clothes!

  15. SuperT

    So this is why they divorces…he heart belongs to a dakimakura.

  16. Jenny with a Y

    Snoop clearly smokes enough weed that even we outsiders can see his hallucinations.

  17. Santa’s hand me down pants.

  18. govtshutdown

    That’s Courtney’s pillow. He told the divorce court judge that he had no idea where it was, but now we know otherwise.

  19. friendlyfires

    David Arqueete prepares for another homeless night in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hilton.

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