1. The Queen’s face says Greedo shot first.

  2. George, will you help me edit my Wookiepedia?

  3. The exact moment when they realize their hairstyles and dowager’s humps match.

  4. You can thank the goddamn Magna Carta for your life, you childhood-raping, three-chinned, Jar-Jar inventing bag of shite.

  5. Bob

    Seriously, George. WTF was up with that “elected queen” crap?

  6. Must be awkward meeting one of your characters in real life…

  7. Hey, two of my 2013 Dead Pool in one place…come on out of control school bus, let’s make this happen!

  8. “Ok, you both know the rules. No hitting below the belt, let’s have a clean fight. now let’s GET IT ON!! “

  9. Ok, I’ve got one more:

    “Your majesy, why are you wearing black gloves?”

    “what gloves? Oh, I have diabetes”

  10. dabellator

    “Why doesn’t it have a chin?”
    “Sir, she wants to know why you don’t have a chin.”

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    At least his jacket answers the question of why there’s a suit material shortage in the world.

  12. Minky Wail

    “I must say, we greatly enjoyed your accurate portrayal of that filthy Aboriginal Jar Jar”

  13. Lucas and Yoda back together again

  14. Oscar

    Queen: You ruined it, asshole!
    George: Hehe
    Dude in the middle: Seriously, George, you’re doomed. Remember Diana?

  15. Animal

    So George Lucas modeled Jabba the Hutt after his future self?

  16. catapostrophe

    “Lucas, I am your father.”

  17. Brit

    This is not the droid you are looking for

  18. Lucas meeting her majesty, the real life Sith Lord.

  19. The first introduction before George gave her a gold bikini and put her on his sail barge.

  20. Skippy86

    He used his turkey neck to hypnotize the queen

  21. cc

    He meets the Queen and he brings that shitty robot?

  22. “The first rule of Geriatric Fight Club is you don’t talk about Geriatric Fight Club.”

  23. “Let me start off by saying her royal highness is a Star Trek fan and has no idea who you are.”

  24. renzomatic

    And C3-P0 was supposed to be the Ewok’s God? I’m thinking maybe George is the REAL Ewok god judging by his size.

  25. Much back fat he has.

  26. If he didn’t have a beard, we wouldn’t know where the face ends and the neck begins.

  27. “Her Majesty says that upon your return to Los Angeles, she would like you to buy her a 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon. Her Majesty prefers two-tone sky blue over royal blue. With matching tuck-n-roll and baby moon hubcaps”

  28. loose

    “Hi Mum”.

    “Hi Georgie. Thank you for conquering america”.

  29. Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.

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