1. Nice to see Lurch is still working.

  2. guttboy

    Being escorted out of a hotel again for being a public nuisance….

  3. Matt Lauer

    Is that the guy she had to blow to get into the place? He can do better.

  4. the moment his hand touched her arm, his life force rapidly drained, and 30 seconds later only his smoldering skeleton remained.

  5. Off to meet her stomach sister, Debbie Gibson.

  6. boxlunch

    the description says “Tara Reid”… are we supposed to know which one is her… or…?

  7. His eyes and her stomach have the same bags.

  8. CK

    What, did she dig up Benny Hill for a date?

  9. Captain Jerk

    Oh? She know’s Dracula?

  10. Holy shit vampire. Also she is in London, Gerard Butler is in London, hmm…

  11. he looks like he just won the dead guy lottery.

  12. “You’re sure that post-dated cheque will clear, right”

  13. cc

    Tara Reid getting bounced from a pub.

  14. “I’ll suck your cock for a thousand dollars.”
    “Fifteen years too late. Let’s go.”

  15. oldfool

    Papa Jedward?

  16. oddly well matched couple.

  17. keijo

    she’s still paler than that dead dude

  18. I think you left some of the caption out. Should be, “Tara Reid, on a date, in London.”

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