1. I think Thanksgiving has just been moved to my second favorite holiday.

  2. Girl at right obviously ran out of spray tan before she finished her legs.

  3. Animal

    There’s a lot of meat in this picture.

  4. Adele meets the Kardashians.

  5. Captain Jerk

    The usual sloppy British woman.

  6. In Britain this is called, “sexy”. In North America this is called, “British”.

  7. Lilac

    why do I always know that picture is from Britain before i read the capture?

  8. Sheppy

    They’re Welsh.

    You can tell because they look Welsh.

    Also, they’re plastered with the welsh flag.

  9. JC

    Europe: Pretending to be Classier Than the U.S. but Failing Miserably for Over 200 Years

  10. cc

    Please…next time make it ‘Ladies Day at Stockholm’.

  11. lawn

    This looks like some sort of Monty Python thing.

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