1. Cock Dr

    Oprah is busting loose…wait…who?

  2. JPC

    Kenya not, please?

    (Alternatively, “Can we have Kenya Less?”)

  3. ♬ When a cooooowwww looooves a woooomaaannnn ♬ ♬

  4. I love how Triumph tore through them on Conan’s show.

  5. She looks like a man from this angle.

  6. Brit

    Tanning Mom – the early years

  7. Seriously… what is the deal with all these tranny pics being posted on this site lately?!

  8. There’s not enough Jager in the world to make me bed that orangutang.

  9. I have no idea what happened to cause her weight gain, but this woman used to be absolutely stunning!

  10. Rather extensive use of hosiery…Hanes would be proud!

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