1. So plain, so boring. She’s about as exciting as a Manilla folder.

  2. DeucePickle

    Flawless skin and teeth

  3. Legal Secretaries Need Love Too

    Please hurry up and perfect cloning so I can have a Victoria Justice of my own.

  4. Skeeter

    I’d like to ram my tongue up her asshole and bang her silly.

  5. Mike

    Besides being a gorgeous beauty, this girl’s actually talented. Shame that “Fun Size” was a snoozer. I mean, you have Jane Levy and Chelsea Handler, and it becomes a borefest?

  6. And Justice for all.

  7. Captain Jerk

    I’d floss my teeth with her ass hair.

    I’d also let her sit on my face, but i would never kiss her. Who knows where her mouth has been?

  8. Captain Jerk

    Is that Martin Short in the fat suit?

  9. anonym

    she looks tasty.

    I’d like to rip a hole in her and pound it till it’s bruised.

  10. she is so pretty but to the point it’s boring

  11. cc

    I’d like to do her justice.

  12. me

    like her

  13. Steven Seagal is not the only one “Out for Justice”.

  14. Little Tongue

    “I’m feeling fresh. Best feeling in the world. Thanks a bunch, Massengill.”

  15. Gin&Tonic

    pretty face, body’s not much (literally), but overall a fine genetic specimen

  16. Very hot young woman.

  17. Steven R

    Anyone else think she looks like a young Vanessa Marcil?

  18. Foxy

    Steven R, YES. I almost never comment but had to come in just to say this. She looks EXACTLY like her.

  19. Bubba

    She actually looks like Vanessa Marcil in this picture, and that is a complement, as Vanessa’s in her 40′s and still looks just as good.

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