1. Yes, please listen to that sign.

  2. Cock Dr

    It must hurt to need to be looked at so badly.

  3. Pat C.

    I finally realized this is what Courtney Stodden aspires to be.

  4. Those shoes are perfect for skateboarding. To the Freeway!

  5. That body isn’t so perfect that 200 square inches of road rash wouldn’t bring a smile to my face.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m hoping Amanda Bynes went out for a drive that day.

  7. Gin&Tonic

    i clicked on the thumbnail just to see if it was shauna sand or courtney stodden (each way bet)

  8. Seen her sex tape and I happily would.

    • El Jefe! I’ve seen the sex tape and that’s why I wouldn’t. Her vag is so ugly…it looks like something a transgender surgeon molded out of earlobes and eyebrows. Additionally, she’s such a shitty lay that the guy (literally) has to show her how to stroke and suck since she does neither well. Ugh, big turn off. maybe we saw different tapes (shudder)

  9. Jentilly

    Wheres a run away bus when you need one?

  10. cc


  11. lawn

    She’s not moving; the board is probably glued down.

  12. Please, Please Stop with pictures of this Plastic Thing

  13. dirty. old. whore. I weep for her daughters. She’s sick.

  14. Little Tongue

    You know how you’re kinda expected to do better than your parents, in life? I wonder how the fuck her daughers will succeed at that. My heart bleeds for them. Serious.

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