1. Cock Dr

    He’s winning.

  2. DeucePickle

    She’s wearing his pants

    • It had to be said

      I would not have guessed they’d have the same waist, but you are obviously correct . . .

    • DKNY

      Damnit, I thought of this too! :P Although my exact thought was: “Aw how cute, they were the same sized pants!”

  3. c-h

    he has the best man-hair in the biz!

  4. KC

    Just out for a little stroll.

  5. Coyote

    Dinklage, Sounds funny like would you like to pet my dinklage?

    or I just got kicked in the Dinklage, or she is so nasty see will set your dinklage on fire.

  6. sexyman48

    His wife must be standing behind the tall lady.

  7. Is he carrying her purse?

  8. Bucky Barnes

    Hey Peter, aren’t you going to introduce us to the little woman?

    I like how she skulks along the curb, six feet away from him… plus, their facial expressions pretty much tell you everything you need to know about their relationsip.

  9. She’s like, “Here comes someone, walk on the other side of the sidewalk like I don’t know you.”

  10. The only thing that annoys me about this guy is that he seems to have no sense of humor about himself.

  11. wow

    he’s a happy little elf.

    • HumpinFrog

      He kissed a girl, and he liked it! Of course, he’s wondering why the lips were vertical and the tongue was so tiny.

  12. marie

    if this was my man, I would dress like her.

  13. Peter drew the short end of the stick & had to carry the groceries home. He wasn’t Happy. I also think it’s belittling he’s carrying her purse for her, I get he’s trying to be the bigger man, but it could really dwarf her confidence. It also makes him look Dopey. On the way home, they ran into the same photographer as last week, what a small world.

  14. I was skeptical about the CUNY midget photography program but now I’m a believer.

  15. fap

    You know the world isn’t designed for you when you can’t even keep the grocery bags from scraping along the ground without holding your arms up.

  16. jenn

    i think she’s wearing his pants.

  17. Ismoss

    Its an optical illusion, hes actually way behind her.

  18. Well done, Fish. At least it’s not 138 pictures of Coco’s ass this week :)

  19. tlmck

    His wife? She looks looks a teenager.

  20. Stretch

    Everybody knows midgets have super human strength, why not load him up like a pack mule?

  21. Wait a second, where’s Suri?

  22. GeneralEmergency

    I bet she sneaks him into movie theaters inside that purse.

  23. dotmatrix

    Where are the other six?

  24. justuhbill

    It’s nice to see him out with the little lady.

  25. Mac

    Charla and Mirna are back!

  26. Simole

    Looks like she drew the short straw………………. ah, forget it. My jokes are wasted on you lot.

  27. friendlyfires

    Actually, she’s the one who just sharted!

  28. At first I thought Brad Pitt must’ve given a piggy back to his entire brood at the same time, then I looked to the left….

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