1. SIN

    looks more like Martin Sheen.

  2. Nutsy

    He’s 138 years old and can *still* kick your ass.
    Freaky… just f*cking amazing genes.

  3. Dude McDuderson

    For a second, I thought that was Gordan Ramsey

  4. jumpin_j

    “I will break you… OW MY GROIN!!!”

  5. Oz Matters

    Still the world’s most famous chemical engineer.

  6. “The Smell of Penetration….
    he nose the truth.”

  7. Ismoss

    Real men shouldn’t do this.

  8. He’s following Michael Lohan’s vag-kicking workout routine.

  9. salavation

    ” Comrade Rocky, I Vill Scissor Kick You To Death In Next Movie”

  10. Woof

    Didn’t expect Michael Douglas to be this leggy.

  11. AWOL

    Do I see Dragotoe?

  12. Steelerchick

    This guy is pure hotness!!!!

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