1. blt

    Jason here is shocked that someone recognized him. Unfortunately, they thought he was Sidney Crosby.

  2. Tobes of Hades

    American Pie: Stifler’s revenge, a.k.a “I splooged in your lemonade.”

  3. Chip Whitley

    Pie fucker.

  4. Didn’t he make that same face when he got a trumpet shoved up his ass in American Pie 2?

  5. It had to be said

    Wow. Lou Ferringo has totally deflated, but I think he’s still going all Hulk here.

  6. KC

    “And then I jizzed in my pants.”

  7. c-h

    oh, shit, this ain’t yogurt!

  8. “There are no small parts, only small actors. There are no small parts, only small actors…”

  9. Satan's bitch

    Photobombed by Florence Nightingale!

  10. Arzach

    “this one time, at band camp”

  11. Nutsy

    Adam Sandler lets his retarded brother come up from the basement.

  12. I would totally hit that frozen lemonade.

  13. Dude McDuderson

    This guy’s hour of fame is over

  14. Jack_Danielsaan

    I knew that I shouldn’t have accepted this from Bear Grylls!

  15. Jenny with a Y

    It seems that Jason Biggs is just as surprised as I am to learn that Jason Biggs is still alive.

  16. Nooken

    I’ve got ice cream for a hand and I’m crazy, I’m crazy ice cream hand man! Shabada daba, daba dooba daba…

  17. “Another American Pie movie?! Hell yeah!”

  18. Caught with his ‘Natural Harvest’ smoothie …

  19. In a surprising development, Adam Sandler wins the lead role in the new Cosby Show.

  20. Sam

    he just saw Jaime Pressly’s boobs

  21. friendlyfires


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