1. “Ice cream! Mom says I get to have ice cream!”

  2. Annnnnnnd that comes to 5 things I can do with this award statue.

  3. Hey! It’s Gay Christmas Morning Face!

  4. “I’m Hawkeye and I shoot arrows!”

  5. “Pork chop sandwiches!!!”

  6. I’m supposed to stick this award where?

  7. Donald Duck

    Gay midget getting cast as an action hero in almost every new movie. He’s the new Tom Cruise. If he marries woman old enough to be his mom as his first beard we’ll know for sure.

  8. “I am the Chief Withard of Fabulouth Isalnd!”

  9. Frank Burns

    “Why yes, I am a saucy little dandy wearing feather underpants!”

  10. EricLr

    Damn RIGHT I would like some candy!!!

  11. “She said what about texting during movies?”

  12. squishy

    yep, just saw Charlize Theron!

  13. Were the “jazz hands” cropped out?

  14. Scarlett must have just given him a live reenactment of her nude cell phone pics.

  15. cc

    And for a supporting role in ‘Oxy 5′…

  16. Contusion

    “We couldn’t find the award for awhile there, and then…POOF!…it came right out of my ass!”

  17. tlmck


  18. Pearce Bronzetan

    “They believed I’m not gay? Ha! Dumb cocksuckers! Uh… ummm… I mean… suckers… yeah… like delicious… lollipops… not delicious cocks.”

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