1. LJ

    Oh God. It’s reproducing….

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    The fact that this heinous bitch got knocked up proves that absolutely anyone can do it, and it has no bearing on whether they deserve it.

  3. She looks like Jessica Alba’s uglier sister…

  4. I dunno, she’s pretty cute. Looks to me like getting her pregnant might have been fun!

  5. Frank Burns

    The Superficial – your best option for celebrity pregnancy news and photos!

  6. email

    She’s hottest pregnant girl ever. Her face looks kind of weird in this pic but she’s definitely a hot girl and the looking pregnant woman ive seen.

  7. Bonky

    Remember when I was famous ? Well, now I’m pregnant. Yay, right ? Anybody need a pregnant chick for anything ? No, well, just keep me in mind, I’ll do anything !

  8. Whenever I see a pregnant chick, I can’t help but imagine someone fucking her. It’s a curse.

  9. doesnt matter

    those eyes look bung

  10. az_renegade

    Baby Bump

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