1. Anthony

    Please let that be your wallet.

  2. radadoon

    Gee, he surely married up didn’t he!

  3. Did he marry another babysitter?

  4. JanGator

    She gets a Girl Scout badge for walking him across the street.

  5. She’s pretty cute except for where she parts her teeth over on the side there…

  6. Marrying your nurse? Well, played Williams.

  7. She carries that around to remind him what a punter he really is.

  8. So if he’s here, who’s out at sea catching my fish sticks?

  9. EricLr

    Oh shit, don’t look, don’t look…it’s Robin Williams….god don’t let him see us….uh oh….RUN, JUST RUN!!

  10. theoriginal LJ

    Sorry, but it is pretty cool that Robin Williams would ask Andrew Luck to autograph a football.

  11. email


  12. Do you always part your teeth sideways?

  13. sousvide


  14. dooood

    if you ever disrespect my wife again i will end you!
    i will fuckin end you! got that chief?

  15. Chuchu

    At what point do you just say, “F*** it, Santa looks GOOD!”

  16. tlmck

    Wee Willie Winkie has done alright for himself.

  17. Bigalkie

    RW, If you didn’t want to appear so short, you shouldn’t have married a she hulk who stands an imposing 5’4″.

  18. He got the role of Tevya in Football on the Roof.

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