1. LJ

    Grace personified…

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    Ay dios mio.

  3. Buddy The Elf

    Jesus my grandmas dead hands are nicer than those.

  4. Frank The Duck

    “Anybody got a light for my Crack-a-rette?”

  5. Dirty little slut. I’d still fuck her.

  6. Cher X

    Smoking is glamorous.

  7. Oh yeah, she is gonna be a stunner at 30.

  8. radadoon

    Got the thousand mile crack-ho stare down pat, now if anyone would just give me a part for this I could be working again, in acting I mean.

  9. Well on her way to fulfilling the Hollywood dream of being dead by 27.

  10. That’s exactly the same look of semi-consciousness we used to wear in the 60s and 70s when we were fucked up on barbiturates.

  11. This picture has Glee all over it. I need to wash my hands.

  12. I always wondered where the girl who lives under the overpass goes when she’s not there.

  13. Cock Dr

    To all those posters who cried out again and again “if only she would go back to being a ginger she would look so much better” well, she did, and she doesn’t.

  14. Awwww, I’m so glad to see that she’s completely rehabilitated :) She looks as fresh as a daisy and enthusiastic to be working again! :)))))

  15. Franka

    And this is the peerless beauty who will portray Elizabeth Taylor? Talk about suspension of disbelief.

  16. Jon Hex

    I would say something, but really, is anyone happy to be on Glee?

  17. disillusionisreal

    Meet the new Elizabeth Taylor…..what are they thinking? Liz is probably clawing her way back out of the grave to come and bitch slap the person who thought letting this piece of shit play her…..

  18. EricLr

    …and then that bitch started in on me cause I was late and I was like “get outta my face you cuntrag whore!” and then i came out here for a smoke break and you know what fuck this let’s go get some heroin

  19. j/k

    Stop looking at me like that Lindsay. I just ate a powdered donut.

  20. theoriginal LJ

    Looks kinda burnt out for a forty something.

  21. Hark!

    Oh, how I used to want to hit that, Lindsay..

  22. Swearin

    Sometimes, you just need a cig to relax you after a long, hard day of not working

  23. email

    Shes everyones favorite mess. No one wants her to succeed lol who are you people kidding. She knows everyone wants to watch her fail and she’s exploiting it and the people who hire her are exploiting it.

    • email

      Why because that’s what the public wants. She hasn’t been a relevant actress for years. Her whole career is made of being a mess. If she were to get her act together no one would pay attention to her.

  24. Speaking of “Distinguished Decade.”

  25. God damn, what is going on with her hand? The face has seen some things but the hand looks like it belongs on an old, somewhat hefty lady.

  26. fuck glee

    any of you tards here wanna lick my ass hole? i just took a shit and i haven’t wiped my ass yet. it smells so good

  27. [img] Is Very Glamorous-340_247.jpg[/img]

  28. Bonky

    It took hours of hard work, but the makeup team managed to get Dakota Fanning to look exactly like Lindsay Lohan.

  29. Blech

    She looks… great.

  30. That’s the expression I would have on my face if I were on the set of Glee too.

  31. cutthecrap

    I hope all that smoking doesn’t ruin her stunning beauty… hack, cough…

  32. Contusion

    Nothing funny to say. Poor Liz Taylor. What a fucking joke. Lindsay must have some acting skills to pull off this past charade with the judge and go straight back into this. When she dies young the only person that will be sad is Michael Lohan, and only because after the post-death interviews dry up, he’ll have nothing better to do but beat on Kate Major.

  33. tlmck

    In her defense, she likely just finished a scene with Lea Michele, or gave the coach a blow job. It’s hard to tell.

  34. She’s method as fuck man, look, she’s already got down Liz Taylor’s hands alright.

  35. Bigalkie

    With a little bit of make up and ” television magic”, this flower will look fresh and sweet in her appearance on GLEE. Of course, I will NEVER witness that because I don’t fit into any of the GLEE demographics thank you very much and thank you Jesus!

  36. Lindsay Lohan is pretty without any make up on

    I’d like to slide my shlong in and out of her lubed up dump hole for a few hours everyday.

  37. spartacus

    badly captioned pic, surely that’s Grace Kelly

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