1. I’d be like a kid in a candy store if I were there. Oh well

  2. Pretty butts…except for that ugly one wearing white, in the middle…

  3. Deacon Jones

    I’ll take one of left, then 2nd one in with the black hair.

  4. I am pretty sure this is Michael Bay’s LinkedIn profile pic.

  5. Joaquin ingles

    This could be any of his movies, really.

  6. He’s gonna blowed them up…..real good.

  7. JanGator

    “Okay ladies, so the line is, ‘Thank you, Mr. Bay – may I please have more suds?’”

  8. So I guess it turns out that the AV kids do get to finally hang out with hot women.

  9. “I forget- which one of you is the one that refused to blow me yesterday?”

  10. DeucePickle

    He’s going to have one clean fuckin’ car

  11. I’m curious, why is the camera aimed at their crotc… oh yeah,.

  12. EricLr

    That’s a nice job to have, right there. I put in an application for a “Rich Movie Director” position myself a few weeks back, but still haven’t heard back.

  13. Tyler Perry

    Mr. Chow….Leslie Chow.

  14. Frank Burns

    “Which one of you bitches just asked if you could be the next Megan Fox?”

  15. This is why I will always support Mr. Bay’s movies. Cause given half a chance every single guy on the interwebs would do the same as him.

  16. Swearin

    He’s either smart to wear all white (it makes cum stains blend in better when he jacks off during his daily footage review) or he’s stupid, because white will just make ash and soot stains from all the explosions more obvious.

  17. “Pain and Gain”? Well, something on me is getting some gain, and if it doesn’t achieve release soon, it will be in pain.

  18. Bikini Pirate

    I’m telling you it’s just a matter of time before Michael Bay is brought up on a morals charge.

  19. its still good

    a bunch of milfs in a bikini

  20. Grand Poobah

    need to see more asses, crappy pict, don’t any of these paps have a pana cam geeze!!!

  21. Samantha

    Is that Michael Bay or Michael Bolton?

  22. cc

    Something about this just screams Club Med to me.

  23. Austarr

    “Hey, Bay! Our eyes are up here.”

  24. GuyLeDouche

    Every one of those women is prettier, smarter, and more personable that Megan Fox.

  25. Chuchu

    Is he going to blow them up too?

  26. tlmck

    Based on the lineup, Mr. Bay has a variety of tastes.

  27. it looks like they’re making a film about my life.

  28. MaryGIL

    In his world he must be so amazed that a woman, can have thoughts and form words. I don’t understand this man.

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