1. B&WMinstrel

    Blue Ivy Carter, really? People end up just calling them by their first name anyway. Ask my daughter Rosy Dildo.

  2. After seeing all her Hulk impressions, I’m gonna suggest you slowly back away from mama bear and her cub…

  3. zed

    Raw and out of the wild protectant

  4. Poor kid. Looks like her dad.

  5. mikenike

    Fuck are they ever ugly.

  6. I’m seeing a Michael Jackson/Blanket/balcony situation about to happen.

  7. SIN

    That ugly ass kid is a girl??? Poor kid, looks just like her fugly dad.
    If Beyonce and not a surrogate carried that kid it might not have turned out so bad.

  8. SIN

    That ugly kid is girl??? Maybe if Beyonce and not the surrogate carried that kid it minght not be that damned fugly.

    Did Beyonces people ok this picture?

  9. Not cute. B’s publicist will have her hands full trying to edit Blue’s unattractive pictures….

  10. DeucePickle

    Is that Milli or Vanilli holding that kid ?

  11. anonymous

    Where the hell is her publicist’s complaints about posting these pictures?

    She looks Dothraki here.

  12. Beyonce is looking like a Rio de Jenerio hood rat w/ a UNICEF baby.

  13. The genetics are strong in this little one.

  14. Blue Ivy? Looks more like Brown Grapevine to me.

  15. Beer Baron

    F-U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi you FUGLY, you FUGLY!

  16. Bluth's frozen banana stand

    I’m all for ripping on artists, but this is a baby you guys are bashing.

  17. Jenn

    That’s a cute baby. Too bad the mom’s a pretentious twit.

  18. I love how natural and disheveled her wig looks here.

  19. Yulanda

    She looks like a crack head ..selling her kid.

  20. First of all, it is amazing how unattractive Beyonce is with out her make-up, etc. Second, that is an ugly baby. If it were a boy, “Awwwww… cute. Look at the little fella. He’s going to grow up to be so manly”. But it’s a girl? “Sweet LORD! This child is suffering from the worst case of Rumor Willis syndrome I’ve seen ever since I delivered Rumor Willis!”

  21. tlmck

    I think they bought the wrong baby. That looks like a boy.

  22. y’all are drunk. yes, BeyoncĂ© looks like hammered dog shit but that’s a cute little tyke.

  23. Beyonce is looked ragged and rough

  24. So TRUE

    She was so worried about ruining her body and finding a surogate she musta forgotten what the face of the sperm donor would do to her kid! Poor thing!…she looks like a black maid!…and she’s only a few months old! They needed a surrogate so as to not upset Beyonces figure and they needed a sperm donor so as to not upset poor Blue when people confuse her of being Florence the maid from the Jeffersons!

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