1. CrashHell

    The Double O Shocker?

  2. Yes Pierce…”hang loose.” All the hip kids are doing the hang loose sign these days. Very cool.

  3. Fun fact: that ascot is made from M’s underwear.

  4. Mona Lisa

    That sign means something very dirty in Italy.

  5. She’s not even using chopsticks to steal his wallet.

  6. None in the pink, one in the stink!

  7. John Travolta

    Hmmmm someone had some work done on their face recently.

  8. Ladypants

    Her name is January, but her smile is more like…huh, January. Would you look at that.

  9. Bond, James Bond…dawg

  10. leesigh3

    He does a killer Alec Baldwin.

  11. Captain Jerk

    What a stud!

  12. There are only a select few people who are aware of, and who are able to perform, the “pre-mating finger dance” that was introduced in ancient Ireland some 800 years ago…

  13. The plus-size shocker.

  14. tlmck

    fo shizzle

  15. Vlad

    Uh, excuse me Mr. Brosnan, but you forgot to leave the napkin at the restaurant.

    It’s all good…I was James Bond.

  16. SMB

    …still the muthafukin man.

  17. cc

    That chicks got balls man…she walks right up to him, pokes him in the chest and goes ‘What the fuck is THAT?’

  18. “Shocker. James Shocker.”

  19. “Buffet, James Buffet “

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