1. Crissy

    Yeah, because those guys REALLY wanted her autograph!!! Look at them staring at them boobies!

  2. Frank Burns

    The line is backed up because signing “Formerly Attractive Scarlett Johannson” takes a while to write.

  3. She could be writing the next great Shakespeare poem and not a soul would notice…

  4. Batman

    She’d save a lot of time if she just covered her tits in ink and stamped the paper.

  5. “Scarlett, you signing leaked cell phone pics today?”

  6. Love,


    PS – I hate being called ScarJo. Save the whales.

  7. Wet Monkey

    First I thought Kylie Minogue. Then, no wait. Kylie Minogue is hot.

  8. Cock Dr

    I’m sorry…..not enough time has passed for the Penn contamination factor to recede. Post again in a year when things have cooled down some.

  9. Kimmy

    it dont look like he is looking at her boobs he looks cross eyed lol

  10. Room 1506. Knock three times and wait for me to say “Rule #1: You are responsible for your houseguest. I’m your houseguest.”

  11. Bonky

    “Yeah, make the letters big, clear and big. You know what, use this new Sharpie, that one is kinda dull. I can’t sell it on eBay if they can’t make out the name.”

  12. cc

    The man on the left suffered from chronic depression right up until the moment he met Scarlett’s breasts.

  13. The Brown Streak

    To My Cell Phone Hacker,
    Thanks for the publicity,
    Scarlett Johansson.

  14. “Why do I keep getting asked to autograph these ‘To Hrnnng!’?”

  15. WhatWhat

    Next to any attractive woman.. there’s always a guy who looks like Christian Bale’s retarded brother

  16. “Hey, lady, that’s pretty good. But make my nose just a little bit smaller…”

  17. So she’s signing her “leaked” nude cell phone pics now?

  18. bassackwards

    Is it right to sign your name as “Sean Penn’s cum receptacle”?

  19. “No, this ISN’T Sean’s Penn!”….”Oh…wait…I get it…”

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