1. joe

    “Yeah, Goodwill? I’ve got a lot of small clothes to donate. Do you guys pick-up?

  2. “Jessica! Jessica Simpson! Over here!”

  3. Perplexity

    So much for Jonah losing weight. He just found it again.

  4. So, he bypassed fat and went straight to obese.

  5. Frank Burns

    “What, you say Michael Moore is in New York City too? Thanks, bye. Siri, plot me a map of every bakery, donut shop, and patisserie in New York City, and make it fast, before there is nothing left!”

  6. Colin

    Jesus, that was quick.

  7. Johnny P!

    “Michael Moore: The Early Years? A biographical pic, you say? Yeah sure, sign me up!”

    • Schmidtler

      the only thing that could possibly be funnier than when John Goodman had to lose weight to play Babe Ruth would be Jonah Hill having to lose weight to play Michael Moore.

  8. So Michael Moore is the Final Five today?

  9. Boo

    New client for Jennie Craig

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    “No, no, I’m Jonah and the whale is me, just hear me out…”

  11. Sadly, he looks better fat. He was kind of Danny Devito as the Penguin when he was slimmer.

  12. Wet Monkey

    Call all casinos in Atlantic City. Tell them to roll out the red carpet. A big whale is coming.

  13. Ag

    someone’s a fatty fat again. ha!

  14. Swizzee

    It’s not fat he’s just preparing for a roll.

  15. You guys are so cruel. Do you not realise how difficult it must be to use an iPhone, breath AND talk with all those chins?

  16. Anna

    Awww poor guy :(

  17. El Jefe

    Holy Crap, did he put back on 10 pounds a day?

  18. Chaz Bono lost some weight i see.

  19. Cock Dr

    Someone’s metabolism must have re-adjusted, or else he’s been eating pies for dessert at every meal.
    Have a slice for me Jonah.

  20. Wrynoceros

    So a picture’s worth a thousand words… And all 1000 are “cake”

  21. “Hello Brad? it’s me. Jonah. We were in Moneyball together? You fist bumped me at the Oscars? Why don’y you want to be seen with me anymore?”

  22. dontkillthemessenger

    Siri… where can I buy lots of elastic?

  23. Ruckus

    oone for you and one for me. one for you and two for me

  24. Cat Lady

    The thirty minutes a day he spends doing his hair he could be working out.

  25. lawn

    “And Jonah’s getting WIIIIDER!”

  26. Buddy the Elf

    Jesus did he EAT skinny Jonah??

  27. journalschism

    That handle is the closest he’s gotten to a bike in months.

  28. Bonky

    Bullshit, I am not getting fat again. It’s just this whole city is badly lit or something.

  29. When did the Final Five become the Fat Five?

  30. Raaaaaaaa

    **michael moore in new york city

  31. Coyote

    Is that a Bakery over there?

  32. zomgbie

    not exactly getting paid spokesman dollars by LAP-BAND®™.

  33. pepe

    dafuq??!!? that was quick. how can a human being gain 100lbs that quickly??!?!

  34. “Yeah, I’m gonna need that in 3XL, but can I get it with medium arms? I’s that doable?”

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