1. Anthony

    Why yes I DO look dashing don’t I? Teehee

  2. Crissy

    How’s is this for not looking gay, eh eh eh? I’m totally fooling all of you!

  3. Johnny P!


  4. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Can’t hide those feet. Hey everyone!…it’s Bugs Bunny!

  5. dooood

    so seacrest finnaly came out?

  6. The lasting effects of Tom Cruise proximity….

  7. Batman

    He just came out of the Hurt Locker.

  8. bevtastic7

    Why yes, I am a fancy little man. Thank you for asking!

  9. So what’s his super power in The Avengers? Turning people gay?

  10. El Jefe

    The real reason why Tom Cruise made sure he was cast in Mission Impossible.

  11. The Pope

    Best Seacrest ever!

  12. Bonky

    “Oh and here’s a scoop, I’m a “bottom”. I know, shock, right ? But that one is just for you, so if you spread it around be kind, okay ?”

  13. cc

    There goes college soccah!

  14. “Big kisses to Rupaul, Harvey Fierstein, and the rest of the gang…”

  15. Coyote

    Why Yes, I am a bit of a Nancy – Thanks for noticing

  16. Lilly

    Worst pose for any man gay or straight.

  17. carol rules


  18. bassackwards

    “Dude….I just farted…tee-hee-hee…”

  19. “My boyfriend keeps calling me Browneye instead of Hawkeye! Isnt that hilarious?!?

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